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  5. Nokia Lumia 530 on sale today from £7.50 per month

Nokia Lumia 530 on sale today from £7.50 per month

Nokia Lumia 530 on sale today from £7.50 per month

Nokia’s latest wallet-friendly Lumia 530 smartphone goes on sale today, as the handset-maker targets its one-time core market of cost-conscious consumers in a bid to take Windows Phone to the masses.

Billed as the most affordable Lumia phone so far and available in none-more-Nokia colour options of bright orange, bright green, white, and dark grey, the Lumia 530’s spec sheet takes in a four-inch LCD screen and the latest 8.1 version of Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system.

nokia lumia 530

This augments the platform’s by-now-familiar layout of constantly updating live tiles with the Siri-challenging voice-controlled assistant Cortana and adds much more scope for customisation than before.

It also brings a rethought improved touchscreen keyboard and entertainment-focussed apps in the form of the Xbox Video and Podcasts applications.

Elsewhere, there’s a 4GB of storage with room to boost capacity by a further 128GB by adding a microSD card and a five-megapixel camera. But there’s no front-facing snapper, so selfies are out of the question.

Talk Mobile is selling the handset from £7.50 per month, which gets you 500MB of data and 250 call minutes per month, plus unlimited text messages. Alternatively, the Lumia 530’s up for grabs at around £70 on pay as you go.

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