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  5. Samsung Galaxy Alpha: Has it got what it takes to take down iPhone 6?

Samsung Galaxy Alpha: Has it got what it takes to take down iPhone 6?

Samsung Galaxy Alpha: Has it got what it takes to take down iPhone 6?

iPhone 6 gossip is as prevalent as football transfer chat right now.

But while Apple’s new phone gets all the attention, Samsung is also working on a new device that it hopes can snare a few million customers and reinvigorate its business.

And we don’t mean the Galaxy Note 4.

The Galaxy Alpha has been rumoured for months and seen in various different guises.

The Galaxy S5 Prime and the Galaxy F appear to be the same device as the Alpha.

But now we know an awful lot more about it thanks to an extensive specs leak.

samsung galaxy note 4 front leak

There appear to be plans for a snappy octacore version, as well as a basic model packing 32GB storage (with SD expansion), 2GB of RAM, a 12-megapixel camera, full HD 4.7–inch display and, of course, an all metal design.

More than anything, the latter is important.

For years now, Samsung has been smashing its rivals out of the park when it comes to including bleeding-edge tech.

But as a recent uSwitch survey showed, punters are more concerned with the basics such as battery life and, of course, solid looks.

The cheap plasticky feel of Samsung’s phones has damaged its brand this year. HTC, Apple and LG all have better looking, sturdier phones.

Samsung has already kicked its S5 designers into touch and the Alpha certainly looks like it’s going to be far sharper than that device, which it will likely replace in its smartphone line-up.

samsung galaxy alpha iphone 5s

But will that be enough for it to outsell the iPhone 6? Probably not.

But it can form a key part of Samsung’s strategy for the rest of 2014, alongside the aforementioned Galaxy Note 4.

The spec sheet doesn’t read like one of Samsung’s all out efforts to out–tech Apple. But that’s a good thing.

Last year’s S4 went too far in that regard and it’s good to see the world’s biggest mobile-maker concentrate on making key features better, rather than loading up on not–quite–there technology for the sake of it.

The chances are we won’t have long to wait for the Galaxy Alpha.

It should tip up at IFA at the start of September, hitting shelves around the same time as the iPhone 6.

ifa berlin logo

In terms of marketing and global awareness, it’ll struggle to match Apple’s effort.

But it can provide a slow burn challenge to that most anticipated of phones.

On early evidence, this could be a phone to help turn Samsung’s fortunes around.

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