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Apple set to rebrand Beats Audio

Apple set to rebrand Beats Audio

Apple looks set to rebrand Beats Music, the streaming service the Cali tech giant acquired as part of its buyout of Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre’s Beats Audio company earlier this year.

According to Re/code, rumours are flying that Apple will change Beats’ name next February, possibly using the annual Grammy Awards as a platform for the relaunch.

There’s no news on what the New Model Beats will be called or whether it will form part of the iTunes app on iPhone and iPad.

But with the growing prominence of Spotify and Google Play Music, it seems unthinkable that Apple will not offer the streaming service as standard on iOS.

Beats was notable by its absence during Apple’s recent iPhone and iOS 8 launch.

With the acquisition coming late in the summer, it may be that any changes to the service were unlikely to form a key part of Apple’s latest software update.



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