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Apple Watch ‘lucky to ship by Valentine’s Day’

Apple Watch ‘lucky to ship by Valentine’s Day’

The Apple Watch will not launch before February, reports suggest, with a source claiming that Cupertino will ‘be lucky to ship it by Valentine’s Day’.

The insider, who was apparently fed the gen by Apple’s Watch department, disclosed the company's plans to The Information, in a report which claimed that staff had thought the watch would launch in 2014.

But that was apparently stymied when Apple hit a snag with the device’s software, hence its decision to reveal all two weeks ago but hold fire on bringing the timepiece to market until 2015.

At the launch event for the iPhone 6, the tech giant stated only that its watch will be available from ‘early 2015’, with the lack of a specific date presumed to be so Apple has time to iron out any production kinks.

However, with recent reports of Samsung’s plans for a fingerprint–scanning smartwatch, due for launch at February’s Mobile World Congress, Apple will need to strike fast to stave off the competition.

Available in a slew of different options, including a sports edition and top-end model aimed at taking on major Swiss manufacturers, the Apple Watch stole the show at the company’s recent iPhone 6 showcase.

The touchscreen device is fitted with fitness sensors and will support key third-party apps at launch.


The Information

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