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  5. Apple Watch will reorient for left-handers

Apple Watch will reorient for left-handers

Apple Watch will reorient for left-handers

At Tuesday's lauch event, it was seen as telling that Apple only showed off its Apple Watch being worn on the left wrist, i.e. the way most right-handers wear a watch.

The omission of users wearing it on their right wrist was seen as evidence of a design fault that meant that those who wore it this way would obscure the screen every time they used the 'digital crown' dial to interact with their smartwatch.

But now comes word that you can wear the Apple Watch left-handed too. And without undue fuss.

Apple told SlashGear that you can indeed choose to orient the watch face the other way. So if you turn it upside down, and you can wear it on your right wrist.

The straps are also swappable, so they won't be inserted the 'wrong' way.

apple watch big blue

But here's the compromise – because the watch is upside down, the Digital Crown will be on the bottom left side of the watch face when worn on the right wrist.

That might make it slightly more fiddly to use, but it'll be a lot easier than reaching around and obscuring the screen.

Apple unveiled the Apple Watch on Tuesday night. It comes in either 1.5-inch or 1.7-inch screen sizes. It comes in three varieties with 22 designs in all. So you won't be short of choice.

The Digital Crown works like a Click Wheel on an old iPod, letting you zoom in, scroll through menus. It also works as a home button. But you can also swipe the screen, so the touchscreen U.I is very much present and correct too.

The Apple Watch will go on sale early next year. No UK price has been set, but in the US it will start at $349 (£215).



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