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  5. BlackBerry: Why we haven't produced a phone in a year

BlackBerry: Why we haven't produced a phone in a year

BlackBerry: Why we haven't produced a phone in a year

BlackBerry has just announced its first phone for the UK market in a year, when it threw its hopes behind the large screen-toting Z30.

A year is a long time in tech, where the entire landscape sometimes seems to change from month to month and the graveyard is filled with companies who fell out of the public's consciousness never to return.

So just what is BlackBerry thinking? We sat down with Patrick Power, Senior Carrier Product Manager at BlackBerry, at a pre-briefing for the new Passport mobile phone to find out.

Power explained: "We've been looking to develop phones, and phones that fit the marketplace. It's taken us time"

"We've had to review what our position is: what the market asks from us. We've also been having discussions with carriers."

He added: "The feeling was that if we're developing a product for our niche market, it's got to be right.

"It's got to be the right price point and it's got to have the right technology in it. That's primarily it.

"[The year-long gap between phones] is really just about us focussing."

Whether a square screen, keyboard-based phone is the result of the company's change in focus and whether this will be enough to win back its customers is another matter.

But we think that going back to basics with a keyboard, in this, and possibly the next BlackBerry – aka the Classic – could once again, be its greatest USP the gadget-maker can muster in the business world.

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