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  5. HTC smartwatch still alive, will launch early 2015

HTC smartwatch still alive, will launch early 2015

HTC smartwatch still alive, will launch early 2015

Despite earlier reports, HTC still plans to make a smartwatch, and will release it early next year.

Previously, it was reported that HTC had canned its plans for a wearable device because it thought the competition was too fierce.

Sources tell CNET that HTC "aims to stand out from the crowd". How does it intend to do this? With "elements of design, which is what the company is known for, as well as features that consumers will more immediately gravitate toward".

That's not exactly concrete detail, but it certainly sounds enticing.

HTC is holding an event in New York on October 8, but one source says it won't announce its smartwatch there.

Samsung has so far launched six smartwatches, and all the major players including LG and Motorola have unveiled their own techy timepieces. But it was the Apple Watch, announced on Tuesday night, that really set tongues wagging.

HTC's device is believed to run Android Wear, Google's operating system that's optimised for wearable devices. Though it's believed to have customised it, like it did with its Sense UI on Android.

The smartwatch wars are hotting up, especially now Apple has entered the fray. So far, a lot of the Android Wear devices have been too samey to stand out, so hopefully HTC can offer something different. It has won plaudits for the design of the HTC One (M8), so who knows, it could have a premium timepiece up its sleeve.

Source: CNET

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