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iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus prices and pre-orders go live today

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus prices and pre-orders go live today

UK networks announced prices for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 and began taking pre-orders today, amid predictions of record-breaking sales for the handsets that mark Apple’s first foray into more generously sized smartphones.

As is to be expected, the pre-order page on Apple’s site was down within minutes of pre-sale, leaving moneyed, would-be SIM-free smartphone owners to scrap it out to get their hands on one.

And it was a similar story at UK networks’ official sites too, where it was ‘bad gateway’ messages a-go-go, as the iArmy descended en masse on to their pre-order pages.

Pricing is broadly in line with expectations, with most of the UK’s major players showing their hands as early as possible. The sole major carrier yet do so at the time of writing was Three, which we fancy is biding its time in a bid to undercut its rivals.

Vodafone was among the first to break cover and is offering the 16GB model of the handset from £43.50 per month over two years, plus £99 upfront. The iPhone 6 Plus entry-level edition is up for grabs from £48.50 per month, with the same one-time charge upfront.

iphone 6 official triplicate

Both plans include 4GB of data per month, as well as unlimited texts and data. Voda’s also throwing in six months free use of Neflix and a choice of Sky Sports Mobile or Spotify Mobile for the entire length of the contract.

The pick of O2’s plans for the iPhone 6 16GB model is £43 per month, plus £29.99 per month. Here you’ll get 2G of 4G data per month and unlimited texts and data.

Opt for the iPhone 6 Plus 16GB and the best plan by our reckoning is £48 per month, plus £9.99 upfront and the same allowances as the iPhone 6 O2 plan detailed above.

EE was also quick off the mark. Given the choice of its plans we'd probably plump for the 16GB iPhone 6 at £40.99 per month, plus £99 upfront for unlimited calls and texts and 2GB of its standard 4G data (that’s not the superfast 4G service EE also peddles).

The iPhone 6 Plus 16GB is on the same plan with the same monthly charge of £40.99 and same monthly allowances. But there’s a higher upfront charge of £200.

For a full picture of iPhone 6 pricing, check out our handy buyers guide that’ll be on the site later today.

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