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iPhone 6 sales record: proof Apple’s supremacy is now undoubted

iPhone 6 sales record: proof Apple’s supremacy is now undoubted

10 million. That’s how many new iPhones Apple has sold in the three days since it was made available in stores.

The mind-boggling figure includes the absurd four million devices pre–ordered on September 12th alone and marks a new record for the Cupertino company.

Last year it shifted nine million on opening weekend.

This time things are different though. The moderately cheaper iPhone 5C may not have been a big seller in 2013, but it did help bolster numbers.

This time around there's no budget model.

iphone 5s5c family

The iPhone 6 Plus isn’t just bigger than the iPhone 6, it’s much more expensive. And still sales are high.

It seems demand for big screen phones is riding high and Apple is at last capitalising on it after years of failing to do so.

Of course, opening-weekend figures are a small part of the picture.

Rumour has it that the company wants to sell 80 million new iPhones by the end of 2014.

Foxconn is said to have gone into overdrive producing them, but demand is sky high.

Currently, the UK online Apple store says there’s a three to four week wait for each new iPhone.

apple iphone 6 queues

High street shops were inundated over the weekend.

This suggests that many are now looking to buy the phone outright, swerving obscenely high network charges and giving themselves the option to sell on their phone when a new one comes along next year.

More than this, the numbers simply serve to reiterate Apple’s dominant position in the market.

It may not top the smartphone market share charts, but its ability to garner millions of quick sales from a rabid fan base is unmatched.

It has jumped on Samsung’s failings in 2014 and will doubtless deliver record profits again in the next quarter.

iphone 6 large side on

That, after all, is all that matters to Tim Cook and the Apple board.

What will be interesting to see is just how the iPhone 6, and particularly the larger iPhone 6 Plus, cuts into iPad sales.

Bigger screen phones are becoming a staple of the market and tablet sales are on the wane.

This is due in part to less need for an annual upgrade. But surely more capacious iPhones will harm the iPad in the long term?

Perhaps Apple doesn’t care. Because if it can maintain strong iPhone sales across the board, including last year’s models, it’ll be able to cream cash from new apps and outright sales.

Those predicting Apple’s demise will quieten down once more until we see a more unified vision presented by Google.

Unless Android L can find its way onto 2014’s flagship devices from Samsung, HTC and Sony, Apple has got this year sewn up.

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