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  5. Is a SIM-compatible Moto 360 on the cards?

Is a SIM-compatible Moto 360 on the cards?

Is a SIM-compatible Moto 360 on the cards?

Future generations of the Moto 360 smartwatch could feature support for SIM cards, a mover and shaker at the gadget-maker has hinted.

A SIM card slot is one of the key features of the Samsung Gear S, with the result that Sammy’s smartwatch doesn't depend on the mobile phone with which it is paired for information.

moto 360 sept 14

Simon Collins, European GM of Motorola, told uSwitch Tech that cutting smartwatches' umbilical chord to smartphones could yet be part of Moto's plan too.

He said: "We will look at all options, and see what's right for the consumer.

“How we evolve that, comes down to consumer needs.

Collins added: "We haven't got any stated plans, other than getting this one out the gate.

“We have the Moto 360, as it is, and that’s the strategy for now.”

The addition of SIM access is being seen in some quarters as the next stage in the evolution of smartwatches.

A SIM would mean that the rather than being a second screen to the phone, smartwatches stand on their own two feet.

However in actual fact, this latest spate of wearables could be seen as a step backwards. Not least because LG brought a SIM-capable smartwatch to market way back in 2007.

Those of you with long memories will also recall that LG's effort made and took calls too.

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