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iWatch: $400 price tag mooted

iWatch: $400 price tag mooted

Apple is mulling a price tag of $400 (£240) for the iWatch when it hits shelves next year, reports suggest. The cost would put it in on a par with top-end Android Wear devices.

Insiders claim the company has identified that figure as a starting point and intends to offer a range of different versions at various prices.

Previous analyst reports suggested Apple could charge well over $1,000 for the iWatch. That, however, is thought to be a top-end price for an iteration with high–end specs.

The same sources who revealed Apple’s plans say it’s not been decided whether the device's pricing will be made public when it’s trailed at the company’s special iPhone 6 event on September 9th.

With a street date not expected for months after its unveiling, however, it seems unlikely Apple would commit to such a move so early on.



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