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Samsung Galaxy Tab Active revealed

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active revealed

Samsung has spent this week showing off a string of top end, new devices at the IFA show, perhaps the best of which are the ace looking Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge.

But for all the fuss around its smartphones, the Korean company hasn’t forgotten the tablet market, with the trade event also marked by the launch of the Galaxy Tab Active.

The 8–inch tablet is billed as a rugged model, designed to withstand the harshest of bumps and scrapes.

Thankfully, the rugged styling only extends to a rubberised frame, meaning it doesn’t look like the kind of thing you’d pick up for the kids at Early Learning Centre.

It’s also fully waterproof, can handle being dropped from 4 feet and has a special C-Pen, which is probably best described as a rugged take on Sammy’s excellent S Pen.

The idea is that the Tab Active can be used on building sites and other workplaces where you might need connectivity, but also require freedom from fear that your tablet will come to a grisly end.

A special protective cover adds an extra layer of protection, with the C-Pen capable of working with the Tab Active even when the case is fitted.

There’s 16GB of storage too, which can be beefed-up using microSD by a further 64GB. Google Android is the OS of choice.

Samsung is yet to release pricing details or info on when it’s hitting shelves, but it has promised 4G and Wi–Fi only options.

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