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Apple iPad launch: Five things to look out for tonight

Apple iPad launch: Five things to look out for tonight

Apple is holding another of its much–hyped keynotes this week.

Taking place on its own campus, the event promises to be a slightly more low-key affair compared to last month’s blockbuster iPhone 6 launch.

But there will still be plenty on offer for Apple fans to chew over and hopefully a spot of contrition from the company’s execs about recent niggles with iOS.

Here are five things you need to look out for at Apple’s October 16th bash.

1 iPad Air 2

ipad air 2 vietnamese leak

Apple may not use thus clunky moniker for its newly updated iPad Air.

But we do know that this is the most likely piece of kit to make its debut in California.

What to expect? Well, a leaked logic board showed Apple’s plans for an A8X chip, which will likely be speedier than the A8 found in the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The device is also expected to have 2GB of RAM and Touch ID for added security.

2 New iPad mini with Retina Display

ipad mini 3 leak

Plenty of rumours suggested Apple wasn’t going to out its new iPad mini this week.

But new gossip points to the device being shown off, despite the fact that it’s not the most exciting of upgrades.

The only changes to last year’s model are thought to be the addition of Touch ID and an updated A8 chipset.

Basically, if you have an iPad mini, don’t bother upgrading when this hits shelves.

3 Apple Pay

apple pay setup

Apple has already shown off its new mobile payment service.

But it’s due to launch this week in the US with a series of leaks showing how it can be set up and what security measures users can expect.

These are likely to be seen officially on stage.

Apple will also hopefully detail when the service will be coming across the pond.

That’s wishful thinking, but we can’t wait to give Apple’s new NFC–based service a go.

4 iOS 8.1

ios 8 health app

Apple Pay requires Apple to update iOS 8. iOS 8.1 is already being stress tested by developers and is said to fix the myriad glitches users have had with iOS 8.0.2.

That means no more dropped Wi–Fi connections, lost Bluetooth signal and the return of the Camera Roll feature to Apple’s Photos app.

We’re also hoping that Apple will apologise for the failings that have left thousands of users fuming. But we’re not holding our breath.

5 iPad Pro

ipad pro reference design

It’s a long shot, but could Apple trail its capacious new iPad at its latest event?

The 12.9-inch monster has been seen floating around gossip sites for months and although it’s not thought to be hitting Apple stores until spring 2015, it would be great if Tim Cook gave us a taster, a la the Apple Watch.

Fingers crossed…

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