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  5. Apple Pay: U.S. retailers curb use of NFC tech

Apple Pay: U.S. retailers curb use of NFC tech

Apple Pay: U.S. retailers curb use of NFC tech

Two major US retailers have switched off NFC payments terminals, in a move apparently designed to prevent the use of the new Apple Pay system and Google’s Wallet platform.

Rite Aid and CVS, both large pharmacy chains, sent memos to stores telling staff that NFC was to be turned off.

Neither companies are official Apple Pay partners, but their terminals were capable of accepting payment from the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

A staffer from CVS said the company’s corporate department sent an email over the weekend informing workers of the change.

In a similar memo, Rite Aid, said: “Please note that we do not accept Apple Pay at this time.

"However, we are currently working with a group of large retailers to develop a mobile wallet that allows for mobile payments attached to credit cards and bank accounts directly from a smartphone.”

Rite Aid also told staff to explain to customers using Apple Pay that its own alternative would be available next year.

Such a system, however, is unlikely to work on Apple devices, with Cupertino keeping a tight lock on NFC on its new iPhones.

Apple Pay rivals are strictly prohibited and no other apps can access the tech. Google, too, is not likely to look kindly on a rival to its Wallet service being made available via its Play app store.

Apple Pay was last week found to work outside the United States as long as users had a credit or debit card registered in that country.



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