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iPad Air 2: Gold model planned

iPad Air 2: Gold model planned

Apple is readying a gold version of the soon-to-land iPad Air 2, as the gadget-maker looks to boost flagging sales of its tablet range.

The brightly hued slate will look similar to the gold version of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. That means it'll sport a gold backplate, most likely with a white bezel around the edge.

ipad air 2 weigh in

The sources who divulged Apple’s plans to business site Bloomberg made no mention of whether a gold colourway will also come to the new iPad mini.

Both slates were originally exected to tip up this month at the same launch event.

However, recent rumours suggest Apple may hold fire with the release of a new smaller tablet, with some industry experts now claiming it might not land until early next year.

The new iPad range is expected to feature Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint security for the first time.

Newly leaked pictures show the same home button found on the iPhone nestling at the bottom of a yet–to–be–announced iPad.

Apple's press call later this month is also expected to yield more details on the Apple Watch, hopefully alongside an explanation regarding niggling iOS 8 issues.



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