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Samsung in crisis: Five things to revive its fortunes

Samsung in crisis: Five things to revive its fortunes

A year ago the idea of Samsung being in a downward spiral seemed ludicrous.

Despite losing out in a major court case with Apple, the Korean company had posted record profits, its Galaxy phones were riding high and it could seemingly do no wrong.

Fast forward twelve months, though, and Samsung has just announced that it expects to post a 60% drop in profits for the three months from July to September.

To make matters worse, its Galaxy S5 received a lukewarm critical reception.

And now the phone-maker has confirmed it’s slimming down its mobile division, moving hundreds of engineers to other areas of its business.

So, how can Samsung turn things around? Here are five things we believe can help revive its fortunes.

1 Let the Galaxy Note 4’s quality speak for itself

samsung galaxy note 4 offical big

Samsung’s latest phablet couldn’t be launching at a better time. It needs a top end device to duke it out with the new Apple iPhone 6 Plus and surely this is it.

With a super hi–res screen, the latest Android software and impressive note-taking abilities thanks to the bundled S Pen, the Note 4 has plenty to offer that Cupertino’s phone cannot.

But the problem is that rather than get on with promoting its own device's many virtues, Samsung seems hellbent on slating Apple for releasing a phablet.

A recent ad stuck it to Apple when it teased: ‘Guess who surprised themselves and changed their minds’, a reference to Steve Jobs infamous claim in 2010 that no one would buy a large screen phone.

The fact is, consumers don’t care about this back and forth. They just want the best.

The Galaxy Note 4 may well be that phone, and Samsung needs to talk it up not trash rivals.

Otherwise, Apple will really see them off.

2 Less customisation

galaxy s5 and android l

A recent leak showed Samsung’s plans for its customisation of Google’s forthcoming Android L software.

Yes, Google’s now renowned cards and ‘Material Design’ were in full effect.

But there was also plenty of Samsung bloatware in there as well, distracting attention away from what promises to be the Big G’s best OS update ever.

Customisation of Android is now largely needless.

Google no longer cares for it, with the search giant's new guidelines suggesting Samsung and the like may soon need to include up to 20 of its apps in future Android phones.

Samsung could win over more consumers by keeping it pure. Its own take on Android is no better than Google’s.

3 Fewer phones

samsung galaxy s5 mini colours

Samsung seems to have undone itself by releasing endless versions of its Galaxy phones.

2013 saw countless editions of the Galaxy S4: a fitness one, a camera one, a mini one to name just three.

It has got better this year, but the various tweaks and cheaper versions have only served to confuse average consumers.

It’s no wonder that rivals have done better by focusing on a smaller range of devices that cover an array of needs.

Niche versions of phones are no longer worth making. Samsung needs to quit trying to be all things to all people.

4 Ditch Tizen

samsung tizen

Samsung’s Tizen OS now runs a number of its smartwatches, as well as its recently revealed Samsung Z.

But let’s face it, in a world where Apple and Google have got the software game stitched up, why would developers want to change to a new OS that few users are going to adopt?

Samsung has already tried going its own way with Bada and failed miserably.

Use Tizen for fridges or smart TVs, sure.

But in phones? Why bother?

Samsung has already said it wants to ‘increase synergies for the Tizen platform.

That’s a fancy way of saying it won’t be a mobile OS for much longer.

5 End the legal tussle with Apple

Samsung vs Apple collision

Apple and Samsung have already called time on their legal fights outside the US.

But surely now is the time for Sammy to hold its hands up and admit defeat Stateside too.

It’s been bruised badly in a series of California courtroom battles and juries also seem to be wearying of the fight.

Now’s the time for it to all end so Samsung can go back to trying to get its mobile business moving again.

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