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  5. Samsung teases Android L customisation

Samsung teases Android L customisation

Samsung teases Android L customisation

Samsung has shown off how it plans to customise Google’s forthcoming Android L software update, in what could be a telling glimpse into the future of the operating system.

The Korean giant’s changes mirror many of the tweaks currently found on Android KitKat, suggesting Google’s hopes that its new OS will help reign in manufacturers' customisations are set to be dashed.

While the homescreen looks much the same on the demo Galaxy S5 running Android L, there are some signs of the Big G’s Material Design changes peeping through.

Eagle–eyed phone fanatics will note the implementation of Google’s cards across key apps and the likes of Calendar and Settings have been given a more touch friendly, less fiddly redesign. Check out the clip below for all the details.

galaxy s5 and android l

Android L is expected to make its first appearance on a commercially available smartphone next month, when the Motorola-made Nexus 6 is due to hit shelves.

And with Samsung still seemingly intent on tweaking Google’s OS, if you want a pure version of Android L, chances are you’re going to have to swerve Sammy’s kitty and go with the Nexus instead.



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