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Apple releases iOS 8.1.2

Apple releases iOS 8.1.2

Apple has unexpectedly rolled out the latest version of iOS 8, iOS 8.1.2, despite opting not to hand over the software to developers for pre-release testing.

The minor update is designed to fix a problem that has seen some users lose ringtones purchased via the iTunes store. Other generic bug fixes are included too.

With developers now busy working on iOS 8.2 and new WatchKit tools for the Apple Watch, it seems this update was deemed small enough not to need widespread stress testing.

Time will tell if that’s a wise move by a company that’s been dogged with complaints about iOS 8 since it landed.

iOS 8.2 is due for release in the new year to coincide with the launch of the aforementioned Apple Watch.

Apple is also said to already have iOS 8.3 in the works, reportedly designed for its long–awaited 12.2–inch iPad Pro and featuring split-screen multitasking for the tablet.

The launch comes after Apple revealed iOS 8 was now installed on 63% of all iOS devices.



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