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Samsung Z1: Five things you need to know

Samsung Z1: Five things you need to know

Christmas may be upon us, but that hasn’t stopped Samsung keeping the rumour mill churning with talk of an all new handset.

The Samsung Z1 has cropped up in a number of leaks and has been as good as confirmed by one of its execs.

So, is this a next–generation game changer? Or just another Samsung effort that’ll get lost in the midst of its hectic release schedule?

Read on and we’ll tell you five things you need to know about the Samsung Z1.

1 It’s all about Tizen


The Samsung Z1 doesn’t come rocking Google Android. Rather, it uses Tizen, Samsung’s own operating system, last seen on its Samsung Z smartphone back in the summer.

That much–hyped flagship phone was binned after the Korean giant decided it wouldn’t be able to compete with its own, Android–based Galaxy handsets and Apple’s iPhone range.

Tizen is currently used in a smattering of Samsung’s smart watches, but this will be the first phone using the OS to come to market.

2 It’s cheap

cheap price pound shop

Samsung is in a spot of bother on emerging markets, where upstarts like Xiaomi are eating into its market share in the budget sector.

That’s why the Samsung Z1 will be cheap.

The anonymous exec who told Korean press about the phone said it would cost roughly £60 up front and would launch in India first.

China will doubtless be close behind.

Samsung’s share there dropped to just 28% in the last quarter according to Gartner research.

3 Basic specs

samsung tizen z1 leak

The spec sheet for the Z1 won’t leave you wowed, but it is solid.

We’re talking a 4–inch screen with 800 x 480 resolution. 4GB of storage, a dual core processor and dual SIM, something which has become something of a must in emerging territories.

That won’t win it many awards, but it means the price is low, hence it should sell well.

4 No word on global rollout

Carphone Warehouse store front (generic)

Apart from India, it seems the Z1 isn’t getting a major global rollout.

Tizen was meant to be Samsung’s great challenger to Google, its attempt to wean itself off of the search giant’s Android OS and strike out alone.

But don’t go expecting to see the Z1 flying off shelves here any time soon.

This is a phone you’ll need to track down online if you really want it.

5 It’s coming January 18th

ces logo

The Samsung insider who delivered the Z1 details was specific about the release date: January 18th.

But with the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in the first week of January, don’t be surprised to see it tip up there too.

Samsung always has a huge presence at the Sin City event and this will be a big talking point.

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