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iOS market share soars in wake of iPhone 6 release

iOS market share soars in wake of iPhone 6 release

Apple has seen a large jump in the number of iPhone users, according to new figures released by analyst firm Kantar Worldpanel.

Covering the three months from September to November 2014, Kantar’s research shows Apple enjoyed growth throughout Europe, the United States and China.

Apple enjoyed its biggest success in Britain, where iOS users were up 12.2% to 42.5% compared to the same three months in 2013. Google’s Android saw a slide of 6.7% here in the UK, putting it on 49.7%.

In the U.S. Apple is close to reaching parity with Android. A rise of 4.3% saw it reach 47.4% of smartphone users in the States. Google has 48.4%, a two point drop over 12 months.

Elsewhere, Apple’s gains were more modest. In China, iOS’s share grew by 1.1% to 18.1%, still lagging way behind Android on 80.4%. German users also remain broadly in favour of Android, although Apple did see a rise to 21.4% from 17.3%.

The boost in numbers is being put down to the release of Apple’s larger iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models last autumn. Both phones appear to have piqued users’ interest thanks to their larger screens, something which Apple had not offered with previous versions of its smartphone.

Apple will reveal its official iPhone sales figures for October to December later this month.

Source Kantar

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