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Why the Apple Watch is all set to steal MWC 2015 limelight

Why the Apple Watch is all set to steal MWC 2015 limelight

Apple’s ‘Spring Forward’ event may not be happening until March 9th.

But you can be sure that despite being a whole week after Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, the Cupertino company will steal all the headlines when it releases the final details about its Apple Watch.

For a while, it had appeared that Apple might even launch the device during the annual mobile industry event, only for CEO Tim Cook to reveal that the smartwatch would be on shelves in April.

However, the timing of the event could not be more calculated.

apple watch edition

Over the next few days, Samsung, HTC, LG and Samsung will all reveal new devices which they hope will give Apple’s all–conquering iPhone a run for its money.

But even if Samsung’s Galaxy S6 is the best phone the Korean company has ever made; if HTC’s One M9 is a standout device that few rivals can match; nothing will stand up to the amount of hype and coverage that Apple will get when it spends a couple of hours showing off new functionality and delivering its release plans for a piece of kit that was first officially seen six months ago.

And that’s before we take into account the slew of new Android Wear devices expected to be on show in Barcelona.

htc one m9 video leak

In one swoop, Apple will relegate stories about new LG and Samsung smartwatches to chip paper.

If Cook has already said the Apple Watch will be out in April, then surely the only reason for holding an event at the start of March is to steal the limelight from the competition.

Apple has already crushed all comers with its iPhone 6 and it looks like it’s about to do the same with its highly desired wearable.

In holding an event that bit earlier, Apple will also be sure to garner plenty of extra coverage as the release date nears.

There’ll be gossip, early reviews and complaints about pricing.

apple watch apps

And while all of this is going on, the likes of Samsung will have to fight to get noticed.

The release of the Apple Watch couldn’t come at a worse time for the competition.

After a winter which saw Apple’s dominance reach new heights in the smartphone sector, its new watch is about to become the world’s most talked about gadget just as rivals ready their iPhone–baiting kit for 2015.

Expect execs to shrug off the threat. But deep down they’ll know that Apple has once again stitched them up a good ’un.

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