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  5. EE named best UK mobile phone network, Three in second place

EE named best UK mobile phone network, Three in second place

EE named best UK mobile phone network, Three in second place

EE has been named the nation's best mobile phone carrier in RootMetrics’ review of networks’ performance in the second half of last year.

EE’s investment in network improvements and head start in launching 4G in the UK continued to pay off in the report in the form of a table-topping overall score of 89.5.

The survey measures a series of facets of carriers’ service, taking in speed, mobile internet connectivity, calls and texts. EE came first in each category to seal the top spot overall.

At second place was Three with an overall score of 86.2, leaving O2 and Vodafone some way behind in third and fourth place respectively.

Three’s strong showing, which comes amid its takeover bid for O2, was underscored by running EE close in most categories.

Rank Network Rootscore
1 EE 89.4
2 Three 86.2
3 O2 79.5
4 Vodafone 78.8

Amid an outbreak of merger mania, EE, meanwhile, has agreed to be taken over by BT, pending regulatory approval.

An across-the-board improvement was also notable for all carriers, in what would appear to be a ringing endorsement for the current state of competition in the market.

Whether this affects regulators as they’re being asked to wave through the landmark deals remains to be seen.

RootMetrics CEO Bill Moore said: “The networks are all getting better, period. We saw improvements across the board in speed, mobile internet performance, and network reliability.

“Consumers deserve reliable mobile experience wherever they are, whether they’re making a call, downloading a video, or texting friends.

“That’s why, in this third time we tested the UK, we went even further into cities, rural communities and on the road to provide the most comprehensive, scientifically sound, and fiercely independent view of mobile coverage available anywhere.”

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