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  5. iOS 8.4 may include new music service

iOS 8.4 may include new music service

iOS 8.4 may include new music service

iOS 8.2 isn't due until March, but we're already hearing whispers about iOS 8.4. According to sources, the build is codenamed Copper after a popular ski resort in Colorado. And it may well include a new music service.

Apple bought Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine's Beats last year, and is rumoured to planning to launch its streaming service as a rival to Spotify.

Apple is only "considering" rolling it out with iOS 8.4, so don't hold your breath.

The update isn't due until after the Apple Watch has launched in April, so there's a while to wait yet.

Apple seeded the first build of iOS 8.3 to developers last night. It includes wireless CarPlay, new Emojis, improved Google log-in and Apple Pay support for China.

Looking even further ahead, there's also news on iOS 9. After years of adding new features, Apple is reportedly set on making iOS 9 the most stable and optimised version of its OS ever.

Many complained iOS 8 was a buggy mess, so this will be welcome news.

Sources tell 9to5Mac that Apple is putting a "huge" focus on fixing bugs, maintaining stability and boosting performance in iOS 9. This may come at the cost of new features.

Apple is also said to be keeping the size of the update as manageable as possible.

iOS 9 is expected to launch in the autumn.


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