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LG reveals new mid–range phones

LG reveals new mid–range phones

LG has outed four new phones ahead of next week’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) event. And each one is somewhat predictably built with selfie sticks in mind.

The gesture recognition on each new phone has been given a special tweak to ensure those obsessed with taking snaps of themselves can do so while getting the whole scene in the frame too.

The LG Magna leads the line with a 5–inch screen, quad-core chip and eight-megapixel camera round the back, five-megapixel up front.

The LG Spirit drops down to 4.7–inches, while the LG Leon comes with a 4.5–inch screen and either an eight or five-megapixel camera depending on where you buy it.

Bringing up the rear is the LG Joy, with 8GB storage and a five-megapixel snapper.

All the devices feature LG’s rear camera controls, except for the entry-level Joy. Expect to see the lot at next week’s event in Barcelona.

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