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MWC 2015: What to expect from Samsung

MWC 2015: What to expect from Samsung

It’d be too much to suggest that Mobile World Congress (MWC) is make-or-break for Samsung.

But the Korean giant desperately needs to bring its 'A' game in Barcelona if it’s to have any chance of regaining ground lost to Apple.

The company has been lurching from one disaster to another, its Galaxy S5 slated by critics and selling poorly, before it revealed a slide of 62% in earnings from its mobile division in the last quarter of 2014.

So, what we can expect from Samsung as MWC gets underway? First and foremost, an all–new flagship.

The Galaxy S6, or Project Zero as it’s reportedly called in–house, is set to be the big drawer at MWC, the company apparently opting to use the annual gathering of mobile movers and shakers to launch its new phone.

samsung galaxy s5 mini

This marks a break from recent tradition, when it held separate showcases for its handsets.

It’s a smart move. If the S6 lives up to its billing, it should steal the show.

It’s said to have an eyeball–stroking 2K screen, metal and glass design, 21 megapixel camera and Android 5.0. And more importantly, a lush glass and metal premium construction.

After a series of plasticky failures, Samsung cannot afford for this year’s flagship to go unnoticed.

That’s not to say this will be the only new Samsung kit on show.

samsung orbis concept

Word is the company is readying a new smartwatch for the show.

Dubbed the Orbis, it’ll be its first to feature a round display and is clearly designed to steal the limelight from the Apple Watch, which is due to land in April.

It’s said to have a ‘digital crown’ like Apple’s effort, as well as a rotating bezel for additional controls.

It’s said to cost £329, but won’t need a smartphone connected in order to work. That could mean it even has its own SIM slot.

While those two devices will likely lead the way, Samsung may push its own Tizen smartphone software once again. It launched the first phone to use the operating system, the Samsung Z, last year.

However, the device was pulled before it could go on sale.

samsung mwc

The new Z1, a cheaper alternative, was revealed earlier this year and it seems Samsung is pegging its hopes in emerging markets on its OS.

That’s a bold shout with Android One from Google looking to make headway in places such as China and India.

On top of that, keep an eye out for more on Samsung Knox, the security software which is already a big deal on its devices.

Already helping Samsung make in–roads into BlackBerry’s enterprise territory, this could be a key feature in the S6 and other new handsets.

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