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  5. Samsung Galaxy S6 release date mooted for March 22nd

Samsung Galaxy S6 release date mooted for March 22nd

Samsung Galaxy S6 release date mooted for March 22nd

We know the Galaxy S6 will launch at Samsung's event on March 1st. But until now, the date it'll go on sale has been anyone's guess.

Well, the good news today is that it could be as soon as the end of March, according to one tipster.

That's pretty fast by Samsung's standards. The phone-maker usually leaves a gap of between five to six weeks between a Galaxy S smartphone's launch and its arrival on shop shelves.

The unidentified source claims to be a Samsung employee and told PhoneArena all Samsung workers have been banned from taking holiday between March 22nd and March 30th.

As with big Apple launches, holiday blackspots are a good indicator of when a company plans to put its new products in shops.

Intriguingly, another holiday blackspot is also on the horizon, this one between April 19th and April 27th.

Could Samsung have another big device up its sleeve for Mobile World Congress (MWC)? A new Galaxy Note perhaps? Or the much rumoured Galaxy S6 Edge?

We've heard the S6 will come in a number of different versions. Maybe one of these will launch in April.

Having two big launches so close together is unprecedented. Samsung usually launches its Note phablet at IFA in September, then its next Galaxy S iteration around the spring.

Surely launching more than one big device would take away some of the impact of the Galaxy S6?

Whatever Samsung has planned, we're sure it won't disappoint. All eyes on MWC now...



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