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Android Auto rollout begins

Android Auto rollout begins

Android Auto, Google’s smart car solution which was trailed extensively by the search giant last year, is finally up for grabs.

The Big G released its Android Auto app onto the Play Store yesterday and has revealed three new Pioneer head units that you can fit into your motor yourself.

Connecting to your phone via USB, Pioneer’s Android Auto products can play CDs and DVDs and fire out any MP3s you’ve got stashed. They’ll also work with the likes of Spotify.

You can use voice controls to send texts and make calls while driving too. Each model comes with a 7–inch screen, but with prices starting at $700 (£474), for a model that doesn’t pack GPS, you’re going to have to be pretty flush to get on board.

Android Auto is set to rollout in brand new cars from the likes of Honda later this year. Apple’s rival service, CarPlay, is already available.



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