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  5. BT launches £5 4G mobile phone SIM only deals, quad-play strategy takes shape

BT launches £5 4G mobile phone SIM only deals, quad-play strategy takes shape

BT launches £5 4G mobile phone SIM only deals, quad-play strategy takes shape

BT has put flesh on the bones of its strategy to establish a major presence in the UK’s nascent quad play market, with what looks to be a soft launch for a selection of keenly priced 4G mobile phone deals.

Using EE’s 4G network, for which BT has tendered a £12.5 billion bid, the telecoms giant has today unveiled a series of 4G SIM only contracts starting at £5 per month over 12 months.

That entitles takers to 500 MB of 4G data, unlimited texts and 200 minutes for £5 per month. Customers who don’t take broadband from BT can get the same deal for £10 per month.

Want more data? Pay £12 per month and you'll be granted 2GB per month, plus unlimited texts and 500 minutes. Or £17 if you don’t have BT broadband.

And at the top end of the usage scale, there’s a plan priced £20 per month or £25 per month if you’re not a broadband customer.

Choose this and you’ll get a whopping 20GB of data per month, as well as unlimited texts and minutes.

As a further sweetener, BT's mobile phone customers will be afforded access to its BT Sport app, which will enable them to watch live Premier League games on their handset.

And in what looks very much like a bid to target the kind of cost-conscious customer who’d normally opt for the likes of TalkTalk's SIM value SIM only contracts, BT is offering its discounted monthly rates to anyone in a BT broadband household. Not just the billpayer.

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Up to five people in a single home will qualify for 4G from £5 per month.

There’s also the option for subscribers to cap their monthly spend and offset the likelihood of an unexpectedly high bill, and move between tariffs.

The news comes as Sky is also readying a quad-play offering, as providers look to lock in customers by offering more services.

Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at, said: "After a long time away, BT is throwing its hat back in the mobile ring with an incredibly competitive set of SIMO tariffs - provided you're an existing customer.

“In a time of hand-me-down smartphones, BT's plans are perfectly poised to become a disruptive part of its consumer strategy - and that's before the EE acquisition comes into the equation.

“Existing customers get a deal that plants BT firmly ahead of TalkTalk and Virgin from just £5 for 500MB of 4G data.”

Doku added: “As more customers consider taking multiple services with one provider, a strong mobile offering is the final string in BT's bow.

“With BT Mobile available to its extensive broadband customer base at such competitive rates, quad play could fast become common place in UK households - where providers offer mobile, broadband, home phone and a landline in one go.”

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