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Sony Xperia Lounge: what's behind it?

Sony Xperia Lounge: what's behind it?

Sony tipped up at Mobile World Congress (MWC) without a flagship phone this year, restricting itself to a line-up consisting of a tablet and mid-range phone.

But arguably more interesting than both those devices is the Xperia Lounge service that Sony also unveiled.

In a nutshell, this bundles together some sweet content free of charge when customers buy new Xperia phones and tablets.

Cheaper models will come with a basic version of Lounge, while more deluxe Silver and Gold packages are free with more costly Xperia kit.

They will include movies, music, cloud storage, stickers, themes and software upgrades, which are delivered through a personalised user interface

We spoke to Tim Harrison, Vice President, Global Communications & PR at Sony Mobile, who outlined what we can expect from the service and explained how the versions of Lounge differ and the thinking behind them.

He said: "In the past, we've used content to bring people across [from rival devices or platforms].

"It has been something that has been available at launch as an introductory offer.

"But this time, we are deliberately spreading that out across the first year of purchase, so people can use their tokens for content at different times."

He added: "The propositions will differ, but what they all have in common is the TV content. Particularly, on the Silver tier, there will be a substantial amount of TV content.”

"Broadly speaking, it will be a difference in the movie offering for the Gold.

"With certain operators, and again in certain markets, we will be doing exclusive partner deals. You'll get additional services on top of those services.”

The just-unveiled Xperia M4 Aqua smartphone will be bundled with the Silver version of Xperia Lounge, while Xperia Z4 Tablet buyers will get the Gold edition.

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