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Apple Watch already putting Android Wear in its place

Apple Watch already putting Android Wear in its place

Apple is likely to make its official sales figures for the Apple Watch available later this week.

But even at this early stage it seems that it’s been another record-breaking opening weekend for a Cupertino–made product, despite the fact it’s not even available for a further fortnight.

According to researchers at Slice Intelligence, Apple sold just shy of a million smartwatches in the US on Friday April 10th alone. Shipping dates for all models have now slipped to June, as demand outstrips supply.

Apple did warn this would happen and has clearly made a smart move in constraining the number of units available.

apple watch big blue

This way it can be bold in proclaiming that the Apple Watch is already a massive success.

If we’re going by these numbers alone though, Apple is already outdoing its rivals, Android Wear in particular.

As pointed out by TechRadar, Android Wear watches managed a total of 720,000 sales in 2014 according to Canalys stats.

That number accounts for a string of different models.

While that shows that wearables remain a niche proposition, despite the media hype, it also makes it clear that even though it’s late to the party, the Apple Watch has far more cachet among consumers.

apple watch apps

Why? Because it’s reviewed well and also because the brand continues to be a byword for seamless brilliance.

It’s the same reason everyone clamours for an iPhone 6.

What’s particularly interesting is that these estimated sales figures cover the first day of pre-orders only.

There’s no way the best part of a million people in the US will have gone to an Apple store and tried out an Apple Watch before buying one.

New users are clearly happy to hand over their cash on the assumption that the watch will work like a dream without testing it out first.

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It throws up an interesting challenge for Android Wear.

Will it experience a halo effect, with users turning to cheaper Google-backed watches when they realise Apple’s model is out of their price range?

Or will they be battered into submission as Apple races into the lead in the nascent space?

The reality is likely to be somewhere in between.

The best pointer is perhaps the tablet sector, where Apple carved out a huge lead before rivals clawed their way back into contention.

ipad mini official

Like the iPad, the Apple Watch is not a device that will require regular, twice yearly upgrades.

That suggests we’ll see an initial boom in sales before things calm down.

At least until the second generation is wheeled out, most likely at the end of 2015.

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