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Apple Watch stock sells out

Apple Watch stock sells out

Apple Watch stock has sold out, with the Cupertino company selling all of the inventory available for delivery by the April 24th launch date within six hours.

Shipping dates on all models have slipped back to June. The smartwatch, Apple’s first new product category in five years, was made available for pre-order and in-store trials last Friday, April 10th.

The cheaper Apple Watch Sport models were the first to go, with the stainless steel Apple Watch the next to slip back to high summer.

It comes as one group of market researchers claimed that Apple sold one million watches in the US on Friday. Slice Intelligence extrapolated the data from the receipts of over 9,000 customers.

Apple has yet to reveal official sales figures, but it seems that its warnings that demand would outstrip supply have proved to be correct.

The high demand has come despite the fact potential users have only been able to try out the device in-store since Friday.

That suggests many of those who have busted out their wallets will not have spent any time with the device.



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