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Apple Watch shortages due to parts flaw

Apple Watch shortages due to parts flaw

Constrained supplies of the Apple Watch are due to a flaw with a key component of the device, which forced Apple to scrap completed units ahead of launch.

That’s according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), citing anonymous sources.

The WSJ says that Apple discovered problems with its smartwatch’s Taptic Engine when mass production began in February.

Components made by AAC Technologies in China were said to be to blame, with motors breaking down during testing. Taptic Engines made by a different supplier in Japan were not found to be faulty.

AAC’s issues are thought to have directly led to Apple struggling to match high demand for its new kit.

The Apple Watch officially went on sale on April 24th, two weeks after pre-orders opened with sales apparently topping two million in its opening weekend.

Those ordering a watch now are unlikely to receive their new wearable until June.

Earlier this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company was working hard to fix supply issues.

The same WSJ report suggests that Apple may enlist a new assembly partner to deal with increased demand.

Despite revealing its latest figures this week, Apple has not officially revealed how many watches it has sold.



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