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iPhone 6S: five things we know so far

iPhone 6S: five things we know so far

It might be another five months until it gets an official nod, but iPhone 6S rumours are already starting to hot up.

This week has seen analyst Ming Chi Kuo make a series of bold claims about the forthcoming iPhone upgrade.

He even reckons there won’t be a new 4–inch model, flying in the face of previous chatter which suggested there’d be a new budget iPhone to go alongside Apple’s new top–end offerings.

So, what do we know so far? Read on and we’ll reveal all.

1 Force Touch friendly

apple watch force press

Apple’s Force Touch is already available in its now-on-sale Apple Watch and new MacBook.

The touchscreen tech can recognise pressure as well as swipes, meaning it’s much better for handwriting recognition, gaming and drawing.

It uses haptic feedback, so you get a response to every touch you make.

Kuo reckons it will form a key part of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, backing-up older rumours about Apple’s plans.

12-megapixel camera

iphone 6 camera

The iPhone 6S’s camera is due for a major megapixel boost. Word is it’ll make the jump to 12 megapixels.

That’s still some way short of rival sensors from Samsung and Sony.

Apple’s camera out does many of its rivals thanks to its superb lens though.

So allied with a bigger sensor, the new iPhone should allow for even better mobile imaging. Here’s hoping.

3 New A9 chipset and improved RAM

a9 processor

Apple has never gone in for the chipset race which dominates the Android market.

However, it is set to use a new A9 chip for the iPhone 6S, which will be backed up by boosted 2GB RAM.

This was mooted for last year’s iPhone range and didn’t materialise, but with rival devices getting ever snappier, don’t be surprised if this morsel of tech gossip comes true.

4 Rose gold

apple watch edition

Apple is set to offer the iPhone 6S in a new colour, according to Kuo.

Alongside the current silver, space grey and champagne options, it’s apparently priming a rose gold model.

This would tally with the Apple Watch Edition, which is made from the expensive material, and the gold version of Apple’s pricey MacBook.

Chances are this will be a colour finish rather than an iPhone made from gold.

5 Touch ID tweaks

There are suggestions that Apple will improve the security around Touch ID, making it even harder to crack for criminals.

This is likely to lead to more rumours about the company’s plans for an international rollout for its Apple Pay platform, which is currently only available in the US.

We should know more, officially, in September or October.

But with iOS 9 due to be revealed in June, expect a slew of rumours to appear over the summer regarding Apple’s next move.

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