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  5. Jony Ive becomes Apple Chief Design Officer

Jony Ive becomes Apple Chief Design Officer

Jony Ive becomes Apple Chief Design Officer

Apple has promoted Jony Ive to the newly created role of Chief Design Officer, as part of a reshuffle that also saw new appointments to oversee the design of the software and hardware aspects of the company’s products.

Ive revealed the news in an interview with Stephen Fry which appeared in the Telegraph. The British designer told Fry that the new role was less management-focused, allowing him to get on with what he does best.

It now means that Alan Dye will look after user interfaces, having played a key part on the development of iOS 7 alongside Ive.

Richard Howe will be in charge of industrial design, after being on the team which created the iPhone.

Ive says he will travel more, focus on plans for Apple’s new California campus and work closely on changes to Apple Stores.

This news comes after it emerged Apple was planning to overhaul its flagship space on London’s Regent Street.

The change in management also means that Ive may not have as much direct control over future products.

How this plays out in future products remains to be seen, with new iPhones due in autumn and the mooted iPad Pro set for release early in 2016.


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