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  5. YouTube Gaming app gets official nod

YouTube Gaming app gets official nod

YouTube Gaming app gets official nod

Google has officially revealed YouTube Gaming, an app and web portal designed to take on the might of Amazon–owned Twitch.

The new service will allow gamers to watch walkthroughs, live streams and general discussions about their favourite games. Google says there will be a massive 25,000 games covered at launch, each with their own channel.

You’ll be able to subscribe to these channels and add them to your collection so you can quickly check up on clips. That's pretty handy if you get stuck on a certain level or just want to see an alternative way of playing.

YouTube Gaming will be fenced off from the rest of the video streaming service, with a dedicated app for each major mobile platform that allows you to search for games without getting results for unwanted clips.

Google also says it’s going to make it easier to broadcast gameplay, with 60 frames per second streaming and automatic conversion of clips into a YouTube video.

YouTube Gaming will launch in the UK later this year.


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