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Apple Watch ‘exceeded expectations’, claims Cook

Apple Watch ‘exceeded expectations’, claims Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook launched a bullish defence of the company’s smartwatch and has rebuffed reports it had been a flop, after telling the press and investors that the Apple Watch had in fact ‘exceeded expectations’.

Speaking on a conference call after Apple revealed another set of impressive quarterly sales figures, Cook was keen to stress that sales of the Apple Watch in June were higher than those in April and May.

That appeared to be a swipe at analyst reports which suggested Apple Watch sales had dropped by as much as 90% in the weeks since it launched in April. Cook made clear that demand was still outstripping supply.

The Apple chief, who told reporters that Apple feels "really great about how we did,” also said that the Apple Watch sold more in its first quarter than the iPhone and iPad when they were first launched.

Apple is listing its smartwatch under its ‘Other Products’ category, alongside the Apple TV, Beats Electronics, accessories and iPods.

It does not disclose an overall sales number for this area, although it did say that revenue earned from ‘Other Products’ totalled $2.6 billion, almost $1 billion more than from January to March.

With Apple admitting iPod and accessories sales are in decline, that suggests the Apple Watch has indeed had a successful start.

However, it seems unlikely the company will ever release specific Apple Watch stats unless it becomes a truly mainstream concern.

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