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iPhone 6S: More parts leak

iPhone 6S: More parts leak

More iPhone 6S parts have leaked online, as the rumour mill whirs into full gear ahead of the device’s release this autumn.

Once again, French site Nowhereelse has got the skinny, with images of the device’s single flex cable. This houses the phone’s flash, mute, power and volume controls and marks a change from the split control component seen on last year’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple also seems to be sticking with its protruding camera lens if another leaked pic proves correct. This will most likely leave some users less than happy after complaints of not being able to lay 2014’s device flat thanks to the beefed up snapper.

With Apple expected to keep the same design as last year for its iPhone 6S, few component leaks are expected to cause much of a stir in 2015.

The company is said to be plotting the addition of an all–new camera system and Force Touch tech, something already found on the Apple Watch and the latest MacBook.


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