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  5. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus: Five things we know so far

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus: Five things we know so far

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus: Five things we know so far

Samsung’s latest curved-screen smartphone, the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, has slipped out ahead of release.

The beefed-up version of the company’s critically lauded device has appeared online alongside last year’s Galaxy Note 4, giving us an idea of the scale of the handset.

But what else do we know about this Samsung newbie? Read on and we’ll tell you five things we know so far.

1 It’s bigger than your average smartphone

samsung galaxy s6 edge detail

The key image of the new Galaxy S6 Edge Plus shows it sitting next to last year’s capacious Galaxy Note 4.

While exact dimensions are yet to be revealed, its screen appears to be the same size as 2014’s flagship Samsung phablet.

That means a display measuring 5.7–inches, meaning this device is every inch the tablet replacement.

2 No Galaxy Note styling

samsung galaxy note 4 camera

Interestingly, Samsung does not appear to have brought any features from the Galaxy Note range to the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

There’s no room for a stylus thanks to the curves on either side of the handset and there isn’t a microSD slot to be seen anywhere either.

The latter is no surprise, after Samsung ditched expandable storage for its Galaxy S range earlier this year.

It all goes to suggest that this will be a standalone device, separate from the new Galaxy Note 5.

3 Specs unclear

sony xperia z3+ vs samsung galaxy s6 edge

The leaked image of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus shows a shop-floor dummy.

While that means we have a good idea about looks and dimensions, it also means we still have no idea about what specs Samsung has planned for the device.

It’s likely that it will simply be a case of offering the same features as its smaller stablemate, just with a larger screen.

That means a 16-megapixel camera, Android 5.1, a fingerprint sensor for Samsung’s forthcoming mobile-payment platform and a revved-up quad-core processor.

4 It should be out soon

coming soon

Samsung is expected to hold an event next month to show off its much–rumoured Galaxy Note 5.

It’s highly likely the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus will make an appearance at the same time, with the Korean company desperate to grab headlines before Apple launches its new iPhone range in the autumn.

That means it could be available to buy as soon as late August.

5 It won’t be Samsung’s only new phablet

samsung galaxy tab side

As mentioned, the Galaxy Note 5 will also launch soon. And that shows just how desperate Samsung is to make sure its phones keep selling.

After a torrid year which has seen Apple eat into its top–end sales, it seems to be erring towards diversifying its phablet brand even further.

Until now, Samsung’s own Galaxy Note alternatives have been cheaper and less spec-heavy. Now, the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus looks set to change that for good.

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