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  5. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus snapped

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus snapped

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus snapped

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, a super–sized take on the Korean company’s curved-screen smartphone, has been snapped and leaked online.

A dummy unit of the device, which appears to be the same size as last year’s 5.7-inch screen-toting Galaxy Note 4, has been snared by the fanboys at All About Samsung.

Unlike the Note series, however, there’s no stylus. And microSD support does not appear to be on offer either. So that's where the similarities end.

Specs remain thin on the ground too, although it seems likely that rather than an amped up version of the S6 Edge, this is simply a larger edition for those who prefer more capacious devices.

It seems likely Samsung will officially unveil the device next month. Rumours are already flying about plans for its Galaxy Note 5, which is due at the same time in an apparent attempt to garner headlines ahead of Apple’s iPhone 6S launch in September or October.

With both Galaxy handsets hitting the market mere weeks apart, this will be the first time Samsung has offered two flagship oversized phones.

After another poor set of financial results, the gadget-maker will be hoping that these are the devices to lead it back to growth.


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