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  5. iPhone 6 Plus camera replacement scheme: Five things you need to know

iPhone 6 Plus camera replacement scheme: Five things you need to know

iPhone 6 Plus camera replacement scheme: Five things you need to know

Apple has officially held its hands up and admitted that there’s a fault with a small number of iPhone 6 Plus handsets sold last year.

The issue is with the device’s iSight camera, with users complaining about blurry snaps. It’s believed to be down to a problem with the phablet’s optical image stabilisation tech, prompting Apple to announce it will fix broken devices.

If you’ve got an iPhone 6 Plus and want to know if you qualify and where you stand legally, read on and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the official Apple scheme.

1 Get your serial number handy

iphone serial number

Apple says the handsets affected were ‘sold primarily between September 2014 and January 2015’.

If yours is affected, you’ll need to find your phone’s serial number and enter it into the official checker on Apple’s website to see if it’s eligible for the fix.

To find the serial number, simply go to the Settings app, tap on General and then About. The number can be copied over from there.

Alternatively, you can find the serial number of your iPhone 6 Plus’s box if you still have it or via the summary tab when you plug your iPhone into iTunes.

2 Make sure you’ve fixed other hardware niggles first

iphone 6 cracked screen

Apple says that any other hardware problems, such as a cracked screen, should be fixed before you hand over your phone for repair.

Without doing so, the fragile method by which the iSight camera is replaced won’t work. Sure, this could be costly, but not as much as having to buy a whole new phone.

You may find you’re covered under insurance for non–iSight issues.

3 And be sure to back up

itunes jpeg

Don’t go handing your phone over for repair without backing up your iPhone’s data.

This can be easily done by either plugging into iTunes and storing files locally, or via iCloud, with the option to store all your app settings and files on Apple’s servers.

It’s as good excuse as any to ensure you don’t lose vital information.

4 Choose where you want it fixed

Apple store spiral staircase

You can either take your phone into an Apple store or official reseller in order to get your phone fixed.

Alternatively, call Apple support and they’ll be able to take you through the best option for getting your iPhone 6 Plus’s camera back into fighting shape.

Apple is keen to point out that networks have no role in this process, so you’ll need to go through it rather than your provider in order to get things fixed.

5 It won’t cost a penny

The good news is that Apple won’t be charging you for their mistake and the scheme will last for three years after the phone was first sold.

There’s no word no how long repairs will take, but be sure to change your voicemail to let callers know that you’re out of reach for at least a couple of days.

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