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Apple watchOS 2 rolls out

Apple watchOS 2 rolls out

Apple has released its watchOS 2 platform to Apple Watch owners, allowing them access to software that was initially slated to land on devices last week.

The delayed update marks a major shift in the Apple Watch’s development, with third-party apps now hosted on the device. That means developers can create tools for the watch that don’t require a connection to a user’s iPhone.

The move will likely mean a boom in developers looking to use the Apple Watch, as well as add–ons running at a faster rate than before.

Complaints from Apple Watch users have centred around the sometimes sluggish experience when loading and using apps.

Security has been beefed up too, with the Apple Watch getting an Activation Lock function requiring a user ID and password. Thieves had been able to use stolen watches just by resetting them.

Apple has also added a string of new watch faces and tweaked Siri and Apple Pay to make them more user-friendly. The update can be accessed via the dedicated watch app on a paired iPhone.

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