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What’s inside the iPad Mini 4?

What’s inside the iPad Mini 4?

The iPad Mini 4 is so thin and light you might be left wondering what’s actually inside the thing. Wonder no more: the teardown specialists at iFixit have already taken a trip through the device’s innards.

The first place where Apple trimmed the fat is the battery. It’s smaller than the iPad Mini 3’s 6471mAh affair but the company reckons that the iPad Mini 4’s 5124mAh battery will still give the same 10 hours of action as its predecessor.

The display has been made differently to shave grams off the iPad Mini 4’s weight; the trade-off is that it will almost certainly cost more to replace it if you happen to smash the thing.

In fact, the iFixit experts rate the iPad Mini 4’s repairability a disappointing two out of 10 - aside from the screen, the home button is tricky to remove and the Lightning connector is soldered to the logic board so both are tricky to repair.

So if you’re picking up an iPad Mini 4, the best advice is to be very, very careful with it.



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