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Apple Music Android app launched

Apple Music Android app launched

The Spotify–baiting streaming service Apple Music has officially launched on Android, with the release of a new app on Google’s Play Store.

The app allows users to sign up and listen to Apple’s extensive streaming catalogue from an Android device, a development that Apple promised when it launched the service back in June.

There are a couple of small features missing compared with the native iOS version, however. Music videos don’t work and those looking to sign on for a family package will have to set one up via an iOS device.

While Apple hasn’t said when these features will be added, it has made it clear that Apple Music for Android is very much in beta, meaning it should get full functionality at some point.

Apple has been careful to ensure that its app looks very much like a native Android add–on. That means a slide out menu, Google–style fonts and tweaked buttons that fit in with its arch rival’s design language.

While this is not Apple’s first Android app (its Move to iOS application has already proved popular with disgruntled Google smartphone users), it is the first to offer full Apple functionality on Google’s platform.

Apple’s Eddy Cue, speaking with TechCrunch, said the reason for Apple launching on Android was because of music’s global appeal, while also recognising that people in many countries preferred Android to iOS.

“We always wanted to bring it to as broad an audience as possible,” he said.

“If we’re gonna do it we wanted to bring the full version of it, not only certain parts. We really wanted everyone to have the full music experience and to be able to do things like get Beats 1.”

Apple Music is available to download from Google Play now.


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