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  5. BlackBerry reaffirms commitment to BB10 OS

BlackBerry reaffirms commitment to BB10 OS

BlackBerry reaffirms commitment to BB10 OS

The first BlackBerry Google Android OS mobile phone has just gone on sale, in the shape of the Priv slider-phone. But does that mean the Canadian company has turned its back on its own BlackBerry 10 operating system?

Suggestions that BB10's days could be numbered are lent weight by the fact there has really only been eight phones running the software since it was unveiled.

With that in mind, we asked the Senior Device Portfolio Manager at BlackBerry EMEA Logan Bell if there will be any more BlackBerry 10 OS handsets, or is Android now the main focus?

"We are absolutely committed to BlackBerry 10. As well as committed to new software versions coming out."

blackberry priv close up

He added: "What we wanted to do is ensure that we could bring a lot of the key experiences people love about BlackBerry 10 OS - the Hub, and Communications - and bring those across to Android."

He also stated that BlackBerry will be rolling out Android 6.0 Marshmallow, but couldn’t offer any timeframe for when that might happen.

We don’t expect BB10 OS to be gone anytime soon, but if the Priv shifts enough units we can see certainly see BlackBerry dabbling in the Android market some more.

However, supporting both platforms could be a burden for the company in the long term. And there will likely be a day when they'll have to choose one or the other platform to prioritise.

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