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iPad Pro available in UK this week

iPad Pro available in UK this week

Apple has confirmed the new iPad Pro will go on sale this week. The capacious tablet will be up for grabs online from Wednesday, with high street stores getting the device later in the week.

Apple has also announced UK pricing for the device. The entry–level 32GB, Wi–Fi only model will cost £679. That rises to £899 for the 128GB model with Wi–Fi and mobile data access.

The iPad Pro’s big draw lies not just in its 12.9–inch screen, but also the accessories Apple is offering alongside it. The company broke with Steve Jobs’ maxim of ‘if you see a stylus, they blew it’, and revealed the Apple Pencil when the slate was launched back in September.

It is also offering a Smart Keyboard, which folds out and allows the iPad Pro to be used as a laptop, much like rival Microsoft’s Surface.

The Apple Pencil is set to cost £79, with the Smart Keyboard coming in at £139. Those opting for the 128GB model who want both accessories will therefore pay £1,117 for the complete package. By comparison, an entry–level MacBook Air with the same storage costs £749.

Other iPad Pro specs include Apple’s A9X processor, Retina Display tech and 10 hours of battery life.

Apple is launching the device simultaneously in 40 countries, including China where it has seen huge growth in the last year.

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