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Vine comes to Apple Watch

Vine comes to Apple Watch

Vine, Twitter’s six–second, rolling video app, has been given a major update for iOS, bringing it to the Apple Watch for the first time.

That means that anyone donning Apple’s smartwatch can watch clips on their wrist, just as they would in the Vine app on their iPhone.

There are two feeds within Vine for Apple Watch. A favourites tab for seeing clips from users who you follow more avidly. And a featured tab for checking out videos hand–selected by Vine from channels, including music, comedy and sports.

There’s the ability to ReVine posts straight from the watch and see your total loop count if you’re obsessed with checking on how your own posts are doing.

Fortunately, video doesn’t play automatically on your wrist. However, sound will be played from the Apple Watch’s speaker, meaning it might be worth dialling down the volume if you’re out and about.


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