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Why BlackBerry moved to Android

Why BlackBerry moved to Android

BlackBerry has hit the headlines of late by dropping its proprietary BlackBerry 10 OS in favour of Android for its latest phone.

This could be seen as a long time coming, with many manufacturers recently ditching their own bespoke platforms to go with a more popular operating system. CF: Nokia to Samsung and beyond.

In a Q&A at the recent BlackBerry Prive launch, we asked Logan Bell, Senior Device Portfolio Manager EMEA at BlackBerry, what inspired the company's migration.

He said: "We know that it was one of the biggest detractors [not supporting Android], and we need to allow that offer to customers.

"We have a very loyal base, but what we understand is that customers are really looking for the ecosystem, the uncompromising ecosystem.

"We really wanted to offer that choice for customers, [particularly for] people that are already entrenched or embedded with the Android platform and that already have a lot of investment within the applications."

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The company has offered some access to Android before now, with side loading of apps on earlier phones. There was also the inclusion of the Amazon App store much later, in a bid to appease the phone-maker's app-starved fanbase.

This wasn’t a great experience, however, with limited Amazon apps to choose from and a cumbersome side loading process.

BlackBerry might have realised a move to Android is a good idea, a little too late. But only time will tell if there is room for a BlackBerry phone with a new OS.

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