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Apple Maps user numbers surge

Apple Maps user numbers surge

Apple Maps on the iPhone is now used three times more than closest rival Google Maps, in what appears to be a remarkable turnaround for the once–struggling service.

Apple has today claimed that its own mapping tool receives five billion user requests each week, giving it a big lead over Google.

The service has improved markedly over the past year, with iOS 9 finally adding native public transport directions.

Apple has also bought a number of mapping companies to improve Apple Maps and is working on a Street View–style service for major cities in the UK and US.

The jump in users is likely to be due in part to the fact that native iPhone apps, such as Mail and Siri, automatically direct users to Apple Maps, even if the owner of the device has a preference for Google Maps or another service.

At launch, Apple Maps was perhaps one of the Cupertino company’s most embarrassing products.

The service tried to take users down roads which no longer existed, failed to get the positions of key points of interest right and generally fell well short of Google’s offering.



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