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Apple Watch sales boom predicted

Apple Watch sales boom predicted

Sales of the Apple Watch will boom over the next four years, with the smart watch set to shift 45 million units in 2019.

That’s according to analyst firm IDC, which has crunched numbers and come up with predictions that are bound to please executives in Cupertino.

It believes Apple has sold around 13 million of its smart watches in 2015. That backs up its own recent quarterly report which said the device shifted 3.9 million units between July and September.

The growth over the next four years will see Apple maintain a lead of the smart watch market, with 51.1%. However, IDC also claims that Android Wear will see a 80.5% boom in sales, giving it a 38.8% share. 3.2 million watches using Google’s platform have been sold this year.

These latest predictions point to the Apple Watch being more of a success than initially thought. Supply chain sources and Apple’s own unwillingness to share sales data led to reports that the device was struggling.

Apple is believed to be readying its Apple Watch 2 for launch at a special event in March 2016.

Source 9to5mac

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