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iPhone 6s battery case launched

iPhone 6s battery case launched

Apple has released a new battery–loaded case for the iPhone 6s, in what's being interpreted as an admission that the battery in its flagship phone does not last long enough.

The ‘Smart Battery Case’ is available now in either grey or white for £79. The case is placed over an iPhone 6s will allow users up to 25 hours talk time and up to 18 hours of web access over 4G networks.

The company also reckons that the case, which can be charged at the same time you're charging your phone, affords ‘even longer’ audio and video playback, with the latter stretching to 20 hours.

A special status bar on the iPhone’s lock screen shows just how much power the device has left when cloaked in the new accessory.

The design takes cues from Apple’s range of silicone iPhone covers, although the rear battery pack and power point at the bottom mean it's significantly weightier.

Until now, users who wanted to boost their iPhone’s power on–the–go had to either use a charging pack or dedicated case from the likes of Mophie.



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